Magin Rose

Samstag 20/5

Maggi Rose Hexenkongress 2022 Speakerin

Wer bist du?

I am a story-keeper and soul-guide. My little tribe includes 4 cats, 2 young sons and a bevy of dragons (stuffed, plastic and spirit)

In welchem Bereich wirkst du?

I work as a trainer and coach helping highly intelligent deeply intuitive professionals bring their greatest magic into the world. My clients include academics, artists, psychics, healers, charity-workers and change-makers. Through my work I provide a voice and a space for the wisdom and healing traditions of the northern lands to bloom within a new generation.

Was ist deine „geheime“ Superpower?

I see the hero inside, even when you don’t

Was bringt dich zum Strahlen?

Cake, watching my sons get lost in play, discovering someone’s birth runes with them

Über welches Thema sprichst du am liebsten?

Hmm, I have yet to find a topic I can’t bring the spirit of sacred play to if I really try 😊

Welche Lieblingsvision treibt dich an?

A world where curiosity is more powerful than judgement, winning doesn’t mean someone else losing and humanity gets the chance to voyage into the stars

In welchem Buch blätterst du am liebsten?

At the moment I’m reading the How to Train Your Dragon series to my sons, we love them

Zu welchem Song tanzt du am liebsten?

I love Carolyn Hillyer’s album Ice. If I had to choose a song from it, it would be We will carry them forever in our scars

Welches Lieblingszitat oder Lebensmotto begleitet dich?

My body is my compass