Devi Danyluck

Witchery and the moon

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Devi Danyluck Hexenkongress 2022

Wer bist du?

My name is Davina, or you can call me Devi as everyone does. I am a Canadian (Slavic/Métis) Punk Witch living in Berlin since 2011. When I’m not reading tarot cards, performing ritual with my Patreon Coven or casting spells, you can find me singing on stage with my anarcho post punk band CIERŃ. I love 80’s fashion, I’m vegan, I believe in sustainable living, I am aware of my privileges so I actively work to support others in the community who need help, I use my voice to speak out for people of marginalized communities – I don’t wish to replace their voices, but I back them up!

In welchem Bereich wirkst du?

I teach workshops about witchery, tarot and the moon, as well as read tarot and perform spellcraft for people all over the world. I also create Witchery Boxes containing personalized items, candles, hand made incense & tea and crystals for others to create their own spells.

Was ist deine „geheime“ Superpower?

I think my secret super power is Hyper-Awareness or Intuitive-Aptitiude or Divination… if I could wish for another I’d ask for Time Travel.

Was bringt dich zum Strahlen?

I think there are many things that make me smile and shine… music, dancing, singing with my band, animals in nature, my family & friends and reading tarot of course!

Über welches Thema sprichst du am liebsten?

I love to talk about spirituality, tarot, self development and spreading awareness about political topics around that world that get forgotten or need attention.

Welche Lieblingsvision treibt dich an?

The vision that drives me is seeing the looks on my clients faces and receiving their feedback when I have helped them, then I know that the work I am doing as a tarot reader and witchery teacher is successful. This keeps me going every time!

In welchem Buch blätterst du am liebsten?

So hard to choose… I love so many, but “The Never Ending Story” is a classic from childhood also I love the series “Wreaththu“ from Storm Constantine.

Zu welchem Song tanzt du am liebsten?

Also so difficult, but in keeping with the theme, I’d say “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac.

Welches Lieblingszitat oder Lebensmotto begleitet dich?

The cards never lie. & Stay Sacred.